Travel Tales Episode #1

THIS TALE BEGINS along the California coastline on a sunny winter day. A plane flies overhead, re­minding me that our flight back to New York is only hours away. I’m not at all nervous, as I know I’m safe in my bag, my reservation has been made, all the things that I simply can’t live with­out fit in THE ACCESSORY Pouch or the SHERPA Organizer that matches my SHERPA BAG. A lining is in my bag. My Health Certificate and shot record are up-to-date. Now I begin to wonder: will the plane be full and will I be cramped be­tween those big bulky carry-ons? Funny … those bulky bags get on for free, but I have to pay $50! However, it is money well spent be­cause it allows me to be in the cabin with Mother, who is always there to comfort me if I need it and vice versa. I go every­where in my bag, not just on airplanes. In fact, I never leave home without it!

Once upon a time, this was not possible, so Mother and I embarked on a mission to have my SHERPA BAG approved by the airlines. After going to the FAA and USDA to learn about their rules, then to all the humane associations and veteri­narians to get their stamp of approval, we were on our way to begin work­ing with each airline to allow small pets in the passenger cabin. In the past Air Canada, Alaska, America West, Ameri­can, Continental, Delta, Northwest, TWA, Tower Air, United, US Airways and WestJet all officially approve THE SHERPA BAGS for in-cabin travel. The continuous improvements that have Benn made to my SHERPA products are great for keeping us safe and comfortable, both in the air and on the road.

I travel a great deal by cab and bus in my native New York and so does my young protege, Su­Nae. If you live in a place where people travel in cars, our safe innovation is really great for you. The strap on the side of THE SHERPA BAG does all sorts of things, like al­lowing us to get buckled up for safety in the car. Mother says I’ve gained weight and am getting heavy to carry, so she de­veloped a strap that slips over the handles of roll­aboard luggage or wheelies to make carry­ing me a little easier. From that it was just a tiny step to Sherpa-on­Wheels, the luxurious invention that gives me the feeling of gliding SHERPA ROLL-UP or SHERPA-­ON-WHEELS for their dis­creet flaps. As I said before, I’m into privacy.) I always feel at home in my “travel den,” so I can relax and en­joy the flight.

Mother and I go through the security check together. It’s really not bad. There are two options: The bag can be put on the conveyor belt after you’ve been taken out, or your bag can be handed to the security agent with the information that there is a live animal inside. The agent will then wave the wand around to make sure you’re not hiding anything. Whether in the terminal or on the plane, we should never be out of our SHERPA BAGS. I know your family is proud of you, and if you’re the curious type it’s hard to stay cooped up while ev­eryone else is walking around enjoying them­selves. But it’s better stay­ing put than traveling bag­gage again!!! It won’t take very many complaints for us to be back down with the luggage.

Traveling and seeing the world with your best friend is a wonderful experience and needn’t be too stress­ful; just remind your Mother (or Father) to think ahead and be pre­pared. A human should be able to handle that.

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