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Hints on travel and life with your fur babies.

Whether you are traveling by plane, train, bus, automobile or RV keep your furry friend safe and happy. In addition SHERPA gives advice on caring for your pet at home! Remember to sign up for our newsletter to never miss a post from Gayle!

SHERPA at Travel Tails gives sage advise on what NOT to do with your cat.

SHERPA at Travel Tails explains why your dog or cat might eat grass, and when you should be concerned about it.

SHERPA at Travel Tails gives us important tips about that do when you have a dog and a young child together in your house, and how to keep both of them safe.

SHERPA at Travel Tails gives advice on how to keep your dog safe in your car.

SHERPA at Travel Tails gives advice on how to keep your cat safe around your houseplants.

SHERPA at Travel Tails gives sage advice on giving your dog a trim.

Dr. Shepard calls into the Travel Tails Newscast to quiz SHERPA and Duchess about what foods you should NOT feed your cat.

Sherpa at Travel Tails tells us all about a certain type of exotic pet, Sugar Gliders. Sugar Gliders are small, very cute, nocturnal gliding possums that are classified as marsupials.

SHERPA from the Travel Tails Newsroom reporting on the proper amount of exercise for your fur baby.

A special report from Dr. Shepard about foods you should never feed to your dog.

A special report from Dieter the Dachshund, live from Nuremberg!

Special correspondent Paris the Parrot checks in with SHERPA from the City of Lights.

SHERPA gives tips on how to keep your pooch cool and safe during the summer heat.

SHERPA gives sage advice on how to trim a feline’s claws without either one of you being traumatized.

SHERPA talks about training her new pet parrot, Levi.

SHERPA explains the history of pet carriers.

Why you should always keep an eye on your beloved companion when you’re out and about.

What to do if your feline friend gets a hairball.

Should you brush your pet’s teeth?

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Travel Tales Episode #1

THIS TALE BEGINS along the California coastline on a sunny winter day. A plane flies overhead, re­minding me that our flight back to New York is only hours away. I’m not at all nervous, as I know I’m safe in my bag, my reservation has been made, all the things that I simply can’t live with­out fit in THE ACCESSORY Pouch or the SHERPA Organizer that matches my SHERPA BAG. A lining is in my bag. My Health Certificate and shot record are up-to-date. Now I begin to wonder: will the plane be full and will I be cramped be­tween those big bulky carry-ons? Funny … those bulky bags get on for free, but I have to pay $50! However, it is money well spent be­cause it allows me to be in the cabin with Mother, who is always there to comfort me if I need it and vice versa. I go every­where in my bag, not just on airplanes. In fact, I never leave home without it!

Once upon a time, this was not possible, so Mother and I embarked on a mission to have my SHERPA BAG approved by the airlines. After going to the FAA and USDA to learn about their rules, then to all the humane associations and veteri­narians to get their stamp of approval, we were on our way to begin work­ing with each airline to allow small pets in the passenger cabin. In the past Air Canada, Alaska, America West, Ameri­can, Continental, Delta, Northwest, TWA, Tower Air, United, US Airways and WestJet all officially approve THE SHERPA BAGS for in-cabin travel. The continuous improvements that have Benn made to my SHERPA products are great for keeping us safe and comfortable, both in the air and on the road. Read more