The Best Holiday Gifts of 2021 for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Looking for a last minute gift for your dog (or cat!)? Check out “The Best Holiday Gifts of 2021 for Dogs and Dog Lovers” via @BringFido. 30 years later & I’m still proud of my #SHERPA Bag and hard work to allow pets to travel with us wherever we go.

The Best Holiday Gifts of 2021 for Dogs and Dog Lovers

best holiday gifts for pets

On the 8th day of Christmas, Fido gave to me … a slobbery wet kiss and a toppled Christmas tree! “Santa Paws” has made his list and he’s checking it twice, which shouldn’t be a problem if your pup has been nice. Reward your furry elf with one of these holiday-themed gifts.

1. Sherpa Original Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Gayle Martz, a former flight attendant, isn’t just the person behind the Sherpa bag. She’s also responsible for petitioning major airlines to allow dogs to travel alongside their owners in aircraft cabins around the world. The first officially approved pet carrier has evolved over the years to match changes in airline protocols, but the essence of the product remains the same: an affordable and durable soft-sided carrier to transport dogs safely. This Sherpa Delta Airline-Approved Dog & Cat Carrier Bag is a great gift for any pooch looking to scratch his travel itch and travel in style. Your best friend can fly by your side in the original soft carrier or even cruise in the car with you, safe in the knowledge that he’ll be protected if you hit any speed bumps along the way.

2. BarkBox Home Alone

BarkBox, one of the best subscription services for dogs, pays homage to a classic Christmas movie with this limited edition festive offering inspired by the classic caper, Home Alone. The bumper box contains a variety of toys based on Kevin’s unfortunate Christmas abandonment, including the Oh-Kay Van, Marv, Harry, Kevin’s paint can, and Buzz’s tarantula. Your pooch doesn’t need to “eat junk and watch rubbish” with his bag of Marv! Duck! Treats in the box. If you sign up for a monthly subscription now, you’ll enjoy a reduced rate, plus offers like a double box first month. Each month, Fido receives a totally unique and customizable box with a different awesome theme.

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