Rock Bottom? How to Get to the Top in Business.

rock bottom

What do you do when you hit rock bottom? If you’re Gayle Martz, author of IT’S IN THE BAG, you use it as foundation to propel yourself to the top. Martz openly shares her entrepreneurial struggle to turn an idea into a multi-million-dollar business at a time when she had just lost her fiancé, job, and home. “This period of my life was rough, but in retrospect I can see that it was fundamental in making me the kind of person who is able to rise above, create a business from nothing, and move forward,” says Martz. Starting a business is not easy and the truth is businesses do fail. Which is why it is important to learn from other people’s experiences (and mistakes). Martz is the founder and former CEO of The SHERPA Pet Trading Company, where she designed, manufactured, and marketed the iconic SHERPA Bag. While she ultimately had a very successful career, it didn’t come without failures, which she discusses in her book in hopes of helping those who might be interested in starting a business of their own or inspiring those currently struggling as an entrepreneur.

While Martz’ book is chock full of valuable information, she shares three tips to help people who might be struggling.

Crying is a waste of time; it ruins your makeup

Yes, she cried. But did crying get Martz to where she is today? No. She confesses to readers that there was a point in her life when she had to pick herself out of her bed after days of crying and tell herself she has no time for this wasted wallowing. “Crying does not accomplish anything except for ruining your makeup,” says Martz. In the world of business, you already have trouble finding enough time in the day, so don’t spend it on activities that won’t help you with your ultimate goal of success. Stop crying and start doing. Doing what, exactly? In her book, Martz breaks down exactly what you need to do to evaluate if you have a viable business idea. Time is much better spent going over that checklist then crying!

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