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Traveling with your Pet – AAA Guide

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pet travelDiscover the Joys of Traveling Safely with Pets

Whether you and your pet enjoy local outings or vacations, make the Traveling with Your Pet pages your first stop for insight and recommendations from AAA travel experts.

For everyday fun, check the listings of dog parks and pet friendly national public lands, or search the attraction and restaurant listings for places to play and eat.
For getaways that involve overnight stays, explore the hotel and campground listings, articles on important pet travel considerations — plus helpful links — and listings of emergency animal clinics.

And wherever you go, capture the fun on camera and submit your favorite shot in the quarterly pet photo contest. Check out the irresistible entry photos and place your vote, and see previous winners honored in the Pet Photo Gallery.

Make every adventure with your best friend a safe and enjoyable trip to remember. Read more

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Driving with your pet

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The first step in ensuring your pet’s well-being during a vacation is to train her to ride in the car. AAA recommends that you restrain your pet in the back seat of the vehicle to avoid distractions as well as to protect the animal and other passengers in the event of a collision. The front airbag can be deadly to a pet during a crash, even if the pet is restrained. Options for restraints include harnesses and crates that can be strapped down.

To help prevent car sickness, feed your pet a light meal 4 to 6 hours before departing on your trip. Do not give an animal food or water in a moving vehicle.

Never allow your pet to travel in the bed of a pickup truck. It’s illegal in some states; he also can jump out or be thrown, endangering himself and others on the road. Harnessing or leashing him to the truck bed is not advisable either: If he tries to jump out, he could be dragged along the road or the restraint could become a noose. Avoid placing animals in campers or trailers as well. If your pet cannot travel in the car with you, leave him at home. Read more

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Pet TravelPet Travel was founded in 1986 by a travel agent and his best friend, a Shih Tzu named Ruggles. Despite the interest in traveling with a pet, hotels did not advertise themselves as being pet friendly. After much researching, he launched a website, dedicated to providing pet friendly hotels and other information to people traveling with a pet. After a name change several years later, was born.

Today, all of our employees work full time providing accurate and up to date information on pet passport and pet immigration information for almost every country in the world. Pet Travel is referred by the USDA and CFIA (Canada) as well as numerous embassies, the State Department, and military agencies worldwide. We are also referred by all the major airlines for pet travelers with questions on traveling by air with their pets. Read more