Learning to Pivot

learn to pivot

“When life changes, you must change.” Simple yet wise advice from Gayle Martz, entrepreneur and author of IT’S IN THE BAG, a memoir of entrepreneurial perseverance and success. Martz’s advice sounds simple at first, but how many of us are frustrated about changes that are forced upon us in life? We often resist instead of pivot, missing out on new opportunities that come with change. Martz has been forced to pivot many times throughout her life, and she’ll be the first to tell you that is what pushed her to greatness. She lost her job, her fiancé, and moved out of her home all within a short period of time. She was forced to start over, and out of that loss and drastic life-change came a million-dollar entrepreneurial career and an unshakable sense of purpose. When we cling to what was, we feel resentful and out of control. Instead, we must learn to pivot, turning to face our new normal and taking back our control.

Here are a few ways you can pivot when life suddenly changes directions.

Be Creative with Purpose

Instead of feeling paralyzed and overwhelmed when your sense of normal is shaken, challenge yourself to find new creative ways to get involved by finding a purpose to pursue. Martz writes of her response to the pandemic, “I thought about what I could do to help make a difference in the current situation.” And then she acted by making public statements, donating to charities, and moving her business to a digital model. Wallowing and resisting the changes that we face keeps us stuck and depressed, so find a way to contribute in a positive way. Research published in the peer-reviewed medical journal PLOS ONE found that people with a strong sense of purpose are more resilient and positive. They even live longer according to the study. Clinging to old ways is the opposite of being resilient. So, find your sense of purpose, stay positive, and pivot with the change!

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