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It's in the Bag

Hello Dear Reader,

“IT’s IN THE BAG” is now available on Amazon: eBook, physical copy, audiobook.

It’s in the Bag is more than the life story of Gayle Martz, the founder of the SHERPA pet carrier brand that has revolutionized pet travel. It is a dramatic illustration of what one SuperHERO woman can do to change an industry and build a major brand, as Gayle did through sheer grit and lots of puppy love!

—Wendy Diamond, Founder/Chief Pet Officer Animal Fair Media, Inc/ Founder LDP Ventures/CEO/Founder Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO)

A dead Fiance, no place to call home and furloughed from her career as a flight attendant–all happening at the same time– would have derailed a lesser person. Having been close friends with Gayle for the past 45 years I have enjoyed a front row seat on her talents and work ethic. Thus, I am not at all surprised Gayle Martz has let nothing stop her. She also did it with great style, as her fashion sense is extraordinary, personally and professionally. Gayle’s unique recipe for success is in this page-turning inspirational memoir. I highly recommend it to everyone– aspiring entrepreneurs and animal lovers alike!

—George Simonton, internationally renowned, award-winning fashion designer and professor at New York’s fashion institute of Technology (FIT)

Gayle Martz has dedicated her life to strengthening and celebrating the strong bonds of love we share with our cherished dogs, cats and other pets.  Her advocacy has enriched all our lives, and she continues the momentum today.  Here she recounts how she, against all odds, made SHERPA into a popular global brand synonymous with safe, comfortable and stylish pet travel.

Anyone with a good business idea and a willingness to work hard to achieve major success—despite no deep pockets nor strategic connections—will find the blueprint they need in this deeply moving memoir. I just want to add that I enjoyed the time when I trained Sherpa and Sunae with Gayle, helping to make them super stars of  the pet industry.

—Bash Dibra, international acclaimed dog trainer, animal behaviorist, pet expert   and author of Dog Training by Bash, DogSpeak, CatSpeak, and StarPet.

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