Sherpa the dog

Best Friends – Save Them All

Check out this adorable video of puppies with the Yule Log in the fireplace. Once it starts plating click the icon on the bottom right to have it be full screen and leave it playing while you unwrap the presents under the tree! Then check out the Best Friends website. A wonderful organization we heartily support who’s mission statement is ‘a sanctuary for homeless and special-needs animals literally from the ground up, forging roadways and erecting buildings with our bare hands. We were creating a better world through kindness to animals.’


How to keep your dog out of the trash

Is your dog a dumpster diver? Do you come home and find trash strewn all over the kitchen floor?

Well this is not only frustrating but at times it can be dangerous for your dog who might get into something you never intended for them to eat! This is a great video which explains several ways to discourage this type of behavior. Let’s keep out furry friends safe.


What to do if your dog eats grapes

A lot of people don’t realize that grapes (and raisins) are very toxic to dogs.

This video by Doctor T Shows how to use Hydrogen Peroxide to get your dog to bring up the contents of their stomach. Yes, we know that sounds nasty but many breeds of dogs can go into acute kidney failure almost immediately after consuming grapes. There is no time to take your pooch to the vet in many cases! Help spread the word as it’s been our experience that many people aren’t aware of the issue.

Many dogs will spit out grapes if they get one, but many other will eat just about anything as you know and get into real trouble. Let’s keep our furry friends safe!