Sherpa the dog

Zane the Alpaca is loving life with is new wheelchair at the Lillymore Farm.

Find out more about Zane, alpacas and other animals in residence at the Lilymoore Farm Sanctuary. Voted one of the top destinations in the Hudson Valley of New York, you can get tickets to visit and lead an alpaca on a walk thru the woods. Quite the experience. #lilymoorefarm #alpacas #alpacasanctuary

Sherpa the dog

Keeping Your Dog Safe During The Summer

The Heat is On” is not only a hit by Glenn Frey but an accurate description of summer 2022! On the first day of summer, almost 35 million people were under heat advisories in the US. In Paris, where I spent  the month of June with my beloved KoKo, all-time heat records were broken. During the summer months, when temperatures are typically higher, I follow this rule: If I am hot, so is KoKo! Especially since she can’t dress for the weather like we humans can (that fur coat is year-round!). Despite it being so hot, we still had a fabulous time in Paris and were able to enjoy all the wonderful things I love to do in the city, including eating at outdoor cafes!

I want to share my favorite tips on how to keep your dog safe during the Dog Days of Summer!

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Stay Hydrated

Before walking out the door with your dog, make sure you have cold water on hand. It’s even better if you can add ice cubes to it. Some dogs (usually big ones) can have it poured into their mouths, but if you have a small dog, don’t forget to bring a container for them to drink out of. In case you forget, don’t be afraid to ask someone for water for your dog. On one of the hottest days in Paris, everyone was so kind to KoKo and brought her water everywhere we went, one place bringing a container so large she could have bathed in!

Keep Cool

During the summer, move over man… air conditioning is a dog’s best friend! If you don’t have an air conditioner and you have a pet, it might be time to look into getting one! At the very least, keep fans going when you are home. When you are on the go, I recommend purchasing small, travel fans that are battery operated. A quick search online for “fans for baby strollers” and you will see you have lots of options to choose from. If it’s good enough for a baby, it will be good enough for a fur baby!  Frozen water bottles can be used and pressed gently on the skin of your dog to bring down body temperatures when you are out, and then when the water melts, you can use it to keep your dog hydrated! At home, use wet washcloths and/or a cold shower (or hose!) to cool your dog down. There are also great products on the market to help cool dogs such as cooling collars and mats. Read more

Sherpa the dog

How to trim a difficult cat’s nails.

Best to have a human trimming partner and gently scruff the cat.