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6 Must-Haves When Flying With a Cat or Dog

Traveling can be stressful enough without your favorite small creature.
By Christine Ryan • Jan. 4, 2020

Flying with your cat or dog is probably no one’s idea of fun — least of all your pet’s. But there are ways and tools to make the trip safer, calmer and more comfortable for everyone involved. After logging hundreds of air miles — one particularly intrepid staffer flew cross-country with both a cat and a dog — and after consulting with vets, airline officials and animal behaviorists, the animal lovers on Wirecutter’s staff recommend the following items.

sherpa bag

Sherpa Original Deluxe Carrier

This carrier has a flexible wire frame that can compress down to fit under the seat in front of you, which most airlines require.

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Gayle Martz Appearance & Media

The Quiet CEO, Education and Self-Improvement Article |

After a day spent caring for her business, Gayle Martz spends an evening caring for herself.

Who: Gayle Martz, 51, founder and president of Sherpa’s Pet Trading Co., in New York City, a $4-million company with 10 employees that sells travel carriers for dogs and cats. Martz, who is single, has two small dogs: Su-Nae, a five-year-old Coton, and Sherpa, a 14-year-old Lhasa apso and the company’s eponym.

5:30 p.m. Martz leaves her midtown office and walks five minutes to her apartment. At home, the dogs greet her with enthusiasm. “Quality time with the girls,” she says.

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Gayle Martz – Du rêve à la réalité – Animal Studio

Gayle Martz Appearance & MediaCet article est paru dans le journal Dogs Révélation N°24 (juillet/aout 2018)

Si vous avez déjà pris l’avion, accompagné en cabine par votre chien ou votre chat, peut-être pensez-vous que cela a toujours été possible. Au contraire, il a fallut la persévérance et la passion de Gayle Martz, une globe-trotters qui n’a pas froid aux yeux, pour que cela soit possible aujourd’hui.
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Gayle Martz Appearance & Media

Fly the Pet-Friendly Skies with a Sherpa Bag

Sherpa is a jet-setter. From inside a soft-sided pet carrier named after her, the little Lhasa Apso with the sweet disposition and bows in her white hair crisscrosses the United States to show how easy and comfortable air travel can be for small pets. Her owner, Gayle Martz, does the talking. She spreads the word that pets like Sherpa can fly in the passenger cabins of most major airlines if they’re secure in a Sherpa Bag.

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The History of Pet Travel and Traveling with a Pet

Up until the late 1980’s, only the wealthy traveled with their pets, and only a few upper end hotels catered to them. Travel was primarily by automobile, or, in some cases, by private rail cars.

In 1989, a TWA airline attendant by the name of Gayle Martz wanted to take her Shih Tzu on an airplane with her. Frustrated by the current airline rules, she designed a bag that would carry her pet and would fit under the seat in the cabin. Named the Sherpa Bag, it became the world standard airline in-cabin bag for pets. Gayle petitioned nearly every airline to request that they change their policies and allow pets on board the aircraft. One by one, the airlines were convinced that allowing a well behaved pet in the cabin would increase their customer satisfaction as well as their bottom line.

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What you need to know about flying with Fido

SuNae Martz is a 10-year-old jetsetter who’s crisscrossed the globe more than once. The catch: SuNae is a dog — a fluffy white coton de tulear, to be exact.

Her owner, Gayle Martz, takes her everywhere she flies, from Paris to New York to Los Angeles. But SuNae doesn’t fly in the belly of the plane like common cargo. She’s first class, in the cabin under Martz’s seat.

“I don’t check my jewelry, and SuNae is my most precious jewel,” said Martz, a former flight attendant-turned entrepreneur who created and sells a soft-sided pet carrier, the Sherpa Bag.

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Small Companies Benefit From Outside Advice

Gayle Martz worked for years to solve a big problem for people who want to travel with their pets. As founder of Sherpa’s Pet Trading Co., Martz not only designed stylish, lightweight, ventilated pet carriers, but she lobbied hard to convince major airlines to allow small pets to ride in the passenger cabin.

“I saw people squishing their animals into hard plastic cases and came up with a great idea,” said Martz, a former flight attendant and passionate handbag collector. She designed the first carry-on bag to transport her own dog, a Lhasa Apso named Sherpa. Now the company manufactures several different pet totes for use around town or in the air.

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Carry On

Today’s pets are no longer stay-at-home creatures: They go everywhere! To work, to the hair salon, in and out of neighborhood stores, they hang out (side) at Starbucks and dine al fresco at restaurants. They are included in family functions and enjoy both weekends away and vacations. In fact, some lead an active social life that also includes play dates with same-specie friends.

Consequently, a pet carrier is currently the most essential lifestyle-to-go accessory that any dog, cat, parrot, rat, rabbit and ferret can own. The myriads of styles are designed to make fashion statements as well as being functional. And it goes without saying that today’s party animals own several neatly stacked in the hall closet. It’s simply a matter of selecting the right carrier to suit the occasion.

But when exactly did the functional pet crate become an essential fashion statement?

Gayle Martz, founder and president of Sherpa’s Pet Trading Company is credited with developing the first stylish soft-sided pet carrier, the Sherpa Bag, for use on board airlines back in 1989 and for pioneering the subsequent changes in the travel industry and the out and about lifestyle pets now enjoy.

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When Fur Flies | Travel + Leisure

My five pit bulls are seasoned travelers. Every weekend, they log 400 miles to and from their country retreat, in a Volvo station wagon fully loaded with essentials: safety restraints, blankets for shock and liquid absorption, a dog thermos, a first-aid kit called Bow-Ow Me-Ow, and a vial of Travel Tummy, an herbal remedy that soothes growling motion-sick stomachs. You might say we put the wag in station wagon. And we’re not the only ones—according to the Travel Industry Association of America, 29.1 million Americans have traveled with their pets in the past three years.

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Traveling With Charley

WHEN it comes time to head to the vacation home, the big question may not be whether to pack the golf clubs, but whether to pack the family pet.

“If it’s a short vacation, many pets will be O.K. staying at a kennel or with a friend,” said Amanda Walter, an associate veterinarian at the Center for Veterinary Care in Manhattan. “And there are places that do doggie day care so that the dog gets a vacation of his own. But if you’re gone for months, I think the dog is going to be happier if it’s with you.”

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Traveling with Older Pets

Whether or not to take your cat or dog with you on your travels is a dilemma faced by many pet owners. However, for the owner of a pet of – let’s say – “advanced years”, the decision is even more complex as are its potential ramifications.

The most important consideration before you take your pet on a trip is his or her overall physical and emotional health. With middle-aged and elderly pets, a trip to the vet for a full work-up is a good idea well before you can make an informed decision about packing for your pet. Remember that no matter how much you want your pet along for the trip, it may not be the best thing for his or her health. Pay attention to not just the vet’s recommendation but your own instincts.

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Gayle Martz Appearance & MediaTen Canine Etiquette Summer Travel Tips!

Let’s face it, our pets are more than just the little furry creatures that lay at our feet at night and bring us the Sunday paper. They are treasured family members who share our world, our hearts and now our travel accommodations. With this privilege, certain rules should apply, according to Gayle Martz, founder of Sherpa, which makes the “Gucci” of pet carriers.

Ms. Martz offers the Petiquette advice in the following ten tips for polite pooches:

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Flying Fur gets even easier and even more commercial

Flying fur! We have Gayle Martz to thank for creating a soft sided pet carrier and for persuading airlines to let dogs travel. Actually, we have her Lhasa Apso Sherpa to thank because Sherpa would sit quietly in the carrier while Gayle talked on and on and on to airline execs about how quiet and good and perfect pets would be in cabin.

But the new thing is Jet Blue starting an airline Miles-For-Pets-Program, and allowing more pets in cabin per flight than other airline previously and even selling a pet carrier and travel kit. Well, of course that’s just commerce isn’t it: sell product and aggrandize your own commercialism into altruism… but this brings me to the main point.

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The Best Dog Carriers on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Best carrier for extra-small dogs (under 8 pounds)
Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier — Small

Gayle Martz Appearance & Media“My six-pound Chihuahua fits perfectly in this carrier, and he has enough room to turn around while in it. He even curls up toward the back sometimes and has several inches of space toward the front. The carrier has a pretty roomy pocket in the back for poo bags, wet wipes, or napkins. The mesh venting on three sides of the bag is perfect for him to look out and for air to flow through. There is an opening on the top that allows my dog to sit up and look out. The opening on the front can be left open when traveling to use the carrier as a dog bed.”

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Gayle Martz Appearance & MediaThe Best Travel Carrier for Cats and Small Dogs

Gayle Martz Appearance & MediaAfter interviewing seven pet travel experts, researching 28 pet carriers, and lugging eight of them around lower Manhattan over two weeks, we think the Sherpa Original Deluxe Carrier is the best soft-sided pet carrier for most cats and small dogs. It is durable, has multiple ways to load and unload your pet, is well-ventilated, is available in multiple sizes, and meets the under-seat requirements of most airlines. Read the full wirecutter best travel carrier article here.

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