Four Ways to Shower Your Dog with Love

Shower your dog with love. Dog being petted.

Our dogs are often some of the greatest loves of our lives. They’re always there for us, comforting us on a bad day, always happy to see us. No matter what, our dogs love us. They are the true embodiment of unconditional love. So, why not show your furry friend some love right back? Here are four fun ways to shower your fur-babies with the love they deserve.

Spend time together outdoors. It is undeniable that dogs, and really all animals, love to be outside. Go for walks, jogs, have a picnic, or even just lay in the sunshine on a nice day with your pet. Fresh air and time in nature is good for the physical and mental well-being for you and your pet. An article published by Animal Wellness Magazine states that spending time outdoors helps prevent anxiety, depression, and boredom in animals, and it does the same for us. Time outdoors increases physical activity and overall health for you and your pet.

Cuddle up with a good book and your favorite snuggle buddy. Some say you are what you eat, but one could argue you are what you read. Grab an uplifting, inspiring book, snuggle up close to your sweet furry friend, and soak in all that positive energy! For an inspirational, pet-friendly read, grab a copy of IT’S IN THE BAG, written by the ultimate pet lover, Gayle Martz. IT’S IN THE BAG is a truly inspiring story of Martz’s life, her beloved pets, and her entrepreneurial rise in the pet-travel industry. It’s the perfect book to read while curled up with your furry snuggle buddy.

Let them tag along. Nowadays it is totally acceptable to bring your dog many places. So why not let them join you at an outdoor café, coffee shop, or a walking trail? You can even surprise your dog by taking them to a store just for them. Places like Petco welcome pets with their owners if the pet is on a leash or otherwise properly contained. Taking your pet to the store and letting them pick out their very own toy is a fun, exciting way to show them just how much they mean to you!

Treat them to something yummy. There are so many delicious options for pets to have a special treat outside of their normal routine dog food. There are ice creams and cookies that are pet-friendly and veterinarian approved. Ben & Jerry’s even has pet-friendly ice creams with peanut butter and pretzel chunks…every dog’s dream! Going to Starbucks? Request a Puppuccino! Everyone deserves a sweet treat occasionally!

It’s easy to take the unconditional love of a dog for granted. They love us no matter what mood we’re in, no matter what kind of day it is, and ask for nothing in return. So, show them some love right back by trying out some of these simple and fun ideas!

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