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Emotional Support Animal

I have a friend who has a child with Autism. She had booked a flight with United becasue they allow Guinea pigs as one of the types of pets they allow on board. However, when it came time to travel she checked in with them with all the needed paperwork and they told her they would in fact not allow Guinea Pigs as Emotional Support animals as their policy was to only allow dogs and cats. This seems odd as they allow them to travel as pet passengers where you pay for the privilege. So the flight went without the support animal which was literally a crying shame. I wonder what other people have experienced with emotional support animals being allowed or denied on airlines?

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When I was flying on Delta Airlines from Paris, France to Los Angeles, California. I had booked and paid for my emotional support dog in business class.  While waiting in the lounge a Delta worker said to me, "You cannot take a dog on the flight." Wow, this was horrible.  I had checked and paid for three bags, gone through security and done everything one needs to do perfectly to have a dog on board. After speaking to the Captain and the service manager that I must get onto this flight.  I gratefully got on the flight sitting  in coach with my little dog in her Sherpa Bag.  What a nightmare.

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I am so thankful to be able to take emotional support animals with me on flights.  The sensation of taking off, landing and turbulence on an airplane is terrifying to me.  If it weren't for my American Eskimo Dog, Discoball, I don't think I could make it through a flight without having a panic attack.  Luckily he is there by my side for the whole experience and really calms my nerves.