Emotional Support Animal – Ridiculous

Emotional Support Animal - Ridiculous

The Extreme lengths that people have taken emotional support animals is ridiculous. What separates emotional support animals? To legally be considered an emotional support dog, the pet needs to be prescribed by a licensed mental health professional to a person with a disabling mental illness. Although this sounds reasonable, problems arise with just how easy it is to get your current animal to be approved as an emotional support animal. They are not service dogs, no training or specialization is required. One place where this really manifests is on airplanes, where specific policies were put into place to both allow pet owners to safely travel with their animal while still protecting other passengers on board the aircraft. One of the prime reasons for the surge in popularity of emotional support animals on planes are you don’t have to pay the airline fee for brings a pet aboard.
Animals you could have a bird or rabbit be an emotional support it doesn’t have to be a dog, we’re talking about emotional support. So we want to talk about all of the emotional support our loving companions give us. But traveling with a pet on board the airplane that is, how do we say falsely portraying what it is not. But we cannot confuse the issue and pets must be paid for, there is a procedure involved when traveling with a pet, that must be adhered to, that’s where education and awareness is tenfold. Please consult with each airline individually on pet travel on board. Please adhere to pet occupant safety when driving in a car safety. Safety is the key to one day be able to take our pets wherever we go. Safety and comfort. This is a topic our animal loving community needs to stay united on, or else we will be getting nowhere and the freedom of today will be taken away.

Emotional support animal fraud. We must adhere to rules and regulations for everything we do in life. If you were a peanut the person sitting next to you on the plane might be allergic to you. An emotional support our animals provide with tremendous, unconditional emotional support, but fraudulent animal emotional support infringement. It is very abusive to fraudulently bring your pet on board. There all animal support but emotional support. Don’t abuse a policy that has been changed for you and your pet to travel. Don’t abuse a privilege; this was a privilege that was granted by a lot of time effort and work. It is a privilege to have a pet on board a plane; fraudulent emotional support dogs are ruining that privilege for everyone. Please help us to help others, so one day you can take your pet wherever you go.

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  1. CynTexas
    CynTexas says:

    Dear Gayle, that you so much for your efforts! I am so thankful I can take my baby on the plane!! I would like to say, as a person who has always paid for my dog to travel with me. I have paid MORE for my dog to travel than for my own seat. Which I think for that price, he should have had his own seat!! That is too much to pay! My dog was required to stay on the hot floor, the entire trip. When I boarded on one packed flight I had to sit in a middle seat (I don’t mind them because the are a little bigger), I asked the people on either side if they objected to a dog riding with me. They were a couple and they both said it would be fine. Then one and I mean one whimper from my baby and the flight attendant came over and told me very sternly that the flight would not take off if my dog was making noise. I was so scared she would throw us off, especially after the cost of the tickets! The man next to me spoke up and said he would much rather have a small dog whimper than a screaming baby! He and his wife were so kind to take up for me. The flight attendant turned away and didn’t say anything else! I have to say that when I left the plane she complimented me on how quiet my baby was on the trip. It was very nice of her to say that. I can actually see why people will try to travel with a “therapy” dog to get the dog on for free. Perhaps we can work towards getting the cost of a pet to be half of our ticket or more reasonable! I think that would make a difference! Most people would be willing to pay a smaller fee! Thanks for listening and for all of your efforts! Cyn Ps. can you include a like of where to buy your travel bags? I have bought a sherpa bag before but am not sure if it was one of yours.

    • Gayle
      Gayle says:

      Unfortunately a lot of the airlines do not want pets onboard and do it strictly out of making money rather than because they care for our for legged friends. When I first began 30 years ago it was $45 dollars to get them an onboard ticket. But times have changed. And we still must keep the privilege of having our wonderful fabulous little darlings with us on the airplane. Also here is a link to find genuine SHERPA Bags:


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