Gayle Martz

My Dog/Cat Gets Car Sick

I have been very fortunate.  SHERPA, SuNae, KIMBA, KARTU, and KoKo never suffered from motion sickness. But many people do have to deal with this problem.  I’ve had many people ask me “my dog gets car sick what can I do?”.  Fortunately, motion sickness is something that most puppies outgrow.  If you want to include your puppy or other pet in your active lifestyle, don’t let your pet’s tendency to become sick stop you from taking him or her in the car.

Part of an animal’s inclination toward motion sickness stems from the stress or anxiety of riding in a car.  Try to create positive experiences for your pet that she will associate with the car.  Why not try a trip to the new park for a game of Frisbee or catch? A ride to a pet bakery?  A trip to a favorite friend?  Maybe your pet enjoys riding through the car wash with you.  SHERPA used to love it when I sang in the car and she would chime right in.  Cats that don’t travel very often can moan and wail all the way there and back.  That’s unpleasant for both of you; So, I advise you, if you have a kitten, to start car training now, and he may soon take it to.  Be sure to keep your cat in a carrier while traveling and invest in squirm-proof halter and leash so that you can exercise him during long-distance trips.

Warning signs and treatments

Keep an eye on your pet.  Usually the first signs of motion sickness are yawning or drooling.  The good news is that a lot of the same things that help people overcome motion sickness also work for pets.  If you stop the car and take your dog or cat out for a walk when you notice warning signs, you can often prevent sickness, at least for a while.  Cracking a window to increase ventilation in the back seat can help these pets and small, crate bound pets too.  Sometimes the churning juices in an empty stomach can make matters worse.  If you see the warning signs, offer your pet an unsalted cracker or piece of plain bread.  Other bland, calming foods you can offer any pet suffering from nausea or diarrhea include a little plain, boiled hamburger, rice, oatmeal, or the appropriate type of baby food for your pet species.  Calm your pet by talking to them. Read more

Gayle Martz

Emotional Support Animal – Ridiculous

Emotional Support Animal - Ridiculous

The Extreme lengths that people have taken emotional support animals is ridiculous. What separates emotional support animals? To legally be considered an emotional support dog, the pet needs to be prescribed by a licensed mental health professional to a person with a disabling mental illness. Although this sounds reasonable, problems arise with just how easy it is to get your current animal to be approved as an emotional support animal. They are not service dogs, no training or specialization is required. One place where this really manifests is on airplanes, where specific policies were put into place to both allow pet owners to safely travel with their animal while still protecting other passengers on board the aircraft. One of the prime reasons for the surge in popularity of emotional support animals on planes are you don’t have to pay the airline fee for brings a pet aboard. Read more

Gayle Martz

Angels With Tails Now Have Wings

Angels With Tails Now Have Wings

Gayle & SHERPA

SHERPA, a Lhasa Apso was born June 23, 1987 in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  She was the canine love of my life and inspiration for SHERPA’S Pet Trading Company, which I launched in 1988.  She was the most wonderful gift ever given to me, that gave me the opportunity to do what I was really meant to do in my life. Angels With Tails Now Have Wings is about the wonderful life that SHERPA gave me.

From the moment I began SHERPA, more than 30 years ago, I have made it my mission to ensure our beloved pets can travel safely, comfortably and stylishly with the people that love them the most.  SHERPA was always a real “spokes dog” about pet travel.  She was always by my side delivering her message with grace and humility. SHERPA loved meeting her four-legged friends across the country and the world and was so honored to be on Oprah’s Millionaire a Minute, Cesar Milan and the many other superstars and super shows who also believed our mission and goal.  Fame never went to her head!  A new friend or a new treat still sent her into total delight!

Thanks to our mission on pet travel advocacy I continue to this day with my vision, mission and dream. SHERPA’s soft-sided pet carriers and other luggage became a truly iconic lifestyle brand which I can proudly say has an impeccable legacy, celebrating the exceptional care today’s pet-loving consumers expect and that our pets richly deserve for the love and joy they bring to us. Read more