Angels With Tails Now Have Wings

SHERPA, the canine love of my life and inspiration for the eponymous SHERPA Pet Trading Company, which I launched in 1989, was gifted to me as a tiny pup by my fiancé Ernie. SHERPA was born on June 23, 1983, a gorgeous multi-colored (black, white, red and gold!) Lhasa Apso who never met a person—or a dog—she didn’t immediately like.

From the moment I launched the company more than 25 years ago, I have been making it my mission to design safe, functional, fashionable and convenient products that ensure our cherished pets can travel comfortably and securely with the people that love them most. Right from the start SHERPA has been a real “spokes dog.” Always by my side, she took to superstardom naturally, but with grace and humility. SHERPA treated the rank and file fans she had across the country and across the world the same as she treated Oprah, Cesar Milan and the many other superstars who also enjoyed meeting her. Fame never went to her head!  A new friend or a new treat still sent her into paroxysms of delight!

Thanks to her popularity—and the pet travel advocacy I continue to this day, SHERPA’s soft-sided pet carriers and other luggage became a truly iconic  lifestyle brand which I can proudly say has an impeccable legacy, celebrating the exceptional care today’s pet-loving consumers expect and that our pets richly deserve for the joy they bring us. Read more