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Pet Talk: Get Comfortable with Communication

Communication is the cornerstone of every relationship –without it, a relationship can’t exist. There are many studies highlighting the importance of communication with your partner, children, employees, employers, and friends – along with tips on how to improve communication in relationships – but one topic that is rarely discussed is communicating with your pets. Some […]

Our friends at Lilymoore Farm

So what happens when you introduce some Alpacas to an Alpaca plushie? Find out more at https://www.lilymoorefarm.com

The Best Travel Tips For Dog Owners

Summer Plans? Take Your Dog! My philosophy has always been to do what you love, in the places you love, with the people and pets you love. The last few years have been very challenging to do this as traveling and socializing were both dramatically reduced due to the pandemic; however, it brings me joy to read that Americans are planning more summer trips […]

I love my pets, and I love to travel.

And I cannot imagine having to choose between the two. Globetrotting with my pets has become my way of life, but not so long ago, things were very different. In 1987, Sherpa, an adorable gray Lhasa Apso given to me by my fiancé, became my everything when my fiancé tragically died in his sleep a […]

Heal The World

IT TAKES A WORLD! Never have lyrics rung so true. I think we all need to hear this song right now.

Airport ‘Petiquette’

When traveling through the airport it is always best to keep a low profile when accompanying your pet at the airport.  Do not let him or her out of the carrier once you enter the airport terminal.  If they are traveling with you in the passenger cabin, never take him out of their carrier during […]

Global Pet Expo

Gayle and her beloved companion, KoKo make the rounds at the 2022 Global Pet Expo in Orlando.

Too Old for a Pet? Think Again.

From an article on SilverDisobedience.Rocks I hear it all the time: “I am too old to get a pet.”  And every time I hear it, my response is always the same. Nobody is too old to experience the love and joy a pet brings to your life. My first pet, SHERPA, was a Lhasa Apso that […]