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Why Volunteer: A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

One thing entrepreneurs quickly learn about Gayle Martz while reading her new book, “IT’S IN THE BAG: How to Turn a Passion into a New Business” is that Martz is not only a successful entrepreneur, writer, and pet-travel pioneer and advocate, but she is also an avid volunteer. For every success Martz has had, she […]

Travel Tales Episode #1

THIS TALE BEGINS along the California coastline on a sunny winter day. A plane flies overhead, re­minding me that our flight back to New York is only hours away. I’m not at all nervous, as I know I’m safe in my bag, my reservation has been made, all the things that I simply can’t live […]

Traveling with your Pet – AAA Guide

Find Pet Friendly Hotel, Restaurants, Attractions, and Campgrounds on AAA.com Discover the Joys of Traveling Safely with Pets Whether you and your pet enjoy local outings or vacations, make the Traveling with Your Pet pages your first stop for insight and recommendations from AAA travel experts. For everyday fun, check the listings of dog parks […]

Driving with your pet

Read the article on aaa.com The first step in ensuring your pet’s well-being during a vacation is to train her to ride in the car. AAA recommends that you restrain your pet in the back seat of the vehicle to avoid distractions as well as to protect the animal and other passengers in the event […]

Check out PetTravel.com

Pet Travel was founded in 1986 by a travel agent and his best friend, a Shih Tzu named Ruggles. Despite the interest in traveling with a pet, hotels did not advertise themselves as being pet friendly. After much researching, he launched a website, dedicated to providing pet friendly hotels and other information to people traveling […]

Angels With Tails Now Have Wings

SHERPA, a Lhasa Apso was born June 23, 1987 in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  She was the canine love of my life and inspiration for SHERPA’S Pet Trading Company, which I launched in 1988.  She was the most wonderful gift ever given to me, that gave me the opportunity to do what I was really meant […]