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A Fortunate Poodle Indeed

I am such a fortunate poodle. My Alison has given me a new Shera Bag to snuggle in. Whenever my Alison and I take a trip together, I am always in a Sherpa Bag feeling so safe and comfy but now, my Alison keeps the bag out in our home so I can snuggle in […]

Ask Koko – Episode 1

Introducing Ask Koko. Koko is the beloved companion of Gayle Martz, the inventor of the iconic Sherpa Pet Carriers. KoKo loves to give sage advice on the care and health of pets. Why not leave a question for KoKo in the comments?

Huskies Gone Wild!

True, good things com in small packages, but great things come in large ones!

Go, Koko, Go!

Good things come in small packages, and apparently fast ones as well.

The Rainbow Bridge

My dearest beloved KARTU peacefully left for The Rainbow Bridge on Sunday, February 26th.  She will be joining SHERPA, SuNae, KIMBA and all the wonderful friends and companions waiting there for her. KARTU bestowed upon me her unconditional love, joy, and companionship and will always be a part of my heart and soul.

Are cats the top dog?

What is the most popular pet? Well, that depends on how you look at it. In the USA dogs are number 1 with about 48.3 million households owning dogs while cats are in about 31.9 million households. However, more people live with multiple cats than dogs so the actual number of felines outnumbers the canines. […]

30 mistakes you’re making that might be causing your dog to behave badly

#21 Creating a safe, quiet space for your dog — and teaching them to retreat to that space when they’re anxious or scared — is an essential part of training. Without that safe space, your dog might act out when feeling overwhelmed or stressed. “Find a quiet room in your home where you can put […]

All You Need is LOVE

I thought it was only appropriate to write on the topic of LOVE while I am in Paris (known as the “City of Love”) during February! I read an interesting article in The Washington Post last month about love that discussed the benefits of friendships, and was perfectly titled “Want to be healthier? Hang out […]

It’s official the world’s oldest dog is over 30!

Bobi has been honored by the Business World Book of Records as the oldest dog in the world, being well over 30 years old. He’s always been a free roaming dog and lives a clean life full of exercise and fresh air. His bred on average only lives to be 12! Many of the longest […]