Are cats the top dog?

cats and dogs

What is the most popular pet? Well, that depends on how you look at it. In the USA dogs are number 1 with about 48.3 million households owning dogs while cats are in about 31.9 million households. However, more people live with multiple cats than dogs so the actual number of felines outnumbers the canines. In Europe cats outnumber dogs by about 25%.

Cats also are more abundant in urban areas as they require much less maintenance, a plus for city dwellers. Its can make a wonderful pet for people who are not easily mobile as they don’t need to be walked and require less maintenance.

So is there any other pet that more people own? Well, technically if you count each one, aquarium fish are the most abundant out numbering both cats and dogs by a significant number. But then how many people do you know that have several dozen cats or dogs? 

Well, there was that crazy cat lady down the block…

Whichever you choose, a fur baby will bring joy to your life and has been proven to relieve stress and depression. 

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