A Fortunate Poodle Indeed

Dea the poodleI am such a fortunate poodle. My Alison has given me a new Shera Bag to snuggle in. Whenever my Alison and I take a trip together, I am always in a Sherpa Bag feeling so safe and comfy but now, my Alison keeps the bag out in our home so I can snuggle in it whenever I want, not just on trips! That means I don’t have to hide or burrow under the couch or the bed because I can feel just as safe inside my Sherpa Bag. No matter if there’s a scary thunder storm, I know I will feel sheltered and secure in my Sherpa. It makes me feel special and I know I am a special poodle­ — not wanting to boast, but I am the star of my Alison’s new memoir, Walking Alison: A Poodle’s Mostly True Story of Helping Her Human Navigate Life. Yes, moi, the star because her story is told from my point of view. It should be out in the fall so there is plenty of time to snooze in my Sherpa Bag and get my poodle beauty sleep.

Check out Alison’s website and her first book, A Place Called Grace here.

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