30 mistakes you’re making that might be causing your dog to behave badly

sherpa pet carrier#21

Creating a safe, quiet space for your dog — and teaching them to retreat to that space when they’re anxious or scared — is an essential part of training. Without that safe space, your dog might act out when feeling overwhelmed or stressed. “Find a quiet room in your home where you can put a pet carrier, but do not close them in the carrier,” Gayle Martz, animal advocate and founder of the Sherpa Pet Trading Company, tells Bustle. This dog carrier is ideal for bringing that safe space with you while traveling — it works for pets up to 15 pounds and it comes with a foldable food bowl and cushion. “When it is at home, I recommend letting your pet go to and from the carrier as they choose and leave them treats or toys that are always in the carrier for them,” Martz says.

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