Traveling With Your Best Friend Is The Only Way To Go

Gayle Martz

Gayle Martz poses with her two beloved companions and best friends.  KARTU, in front, her loving, jet-setting Shih Tzu, is now 12 years old.  Next to Gayle’s heart is her beloved KIMBA, a MiKi. She was Gayle’s treasure, joy and three pounds of pure true love. A MiKi is a rare breed that shares common ancestors with the Papillon, the Maltese, and the Japanese Chin. KIMBA was only 11 and a half years old on July 20, 2018 when she had to leave to join SHERPA & SuNae in heaven. All of Gayle’s four legged, incredible girls have tirelessly worked with her on her journey to successfully evolve the global pet travel Revolution she began working on in 1988.  SHERPA’s Pet Trading Company was incorporated in 1989 and the evolution of Pet Travel is always foremost on their minds. If they don’t get to go with her, they are not happy girls. No Pet Left Behind is the goal and the vision, so that one day we can all take our pets wherever we go.

This photo is of me with my two VERY loving canine companions, KIMBA & KARTU.

Gayle Martz poses with two of the wonderful canines who have accompanied her on her journey as she successfully continues to build the global revolution in pet travel she began in 1989. KARTU, in front, her beloved Shih Tzu, is now 12 years young. Seated at Gayle’s side is KIMBA, who went to join SHERPA in doggie heaven on July 20, 2018. KIMBA, 11 years of age when she passed, was a Mi-Ki: a rare breed that shares common ancestors with the Papillon, the Maltese, and the Japanese Chin.The Best Big Girl, KARTU, my loving, Jet Setter, Shih Tzu just turned 12. My very Best, Little Girl, KIMBA, had to leave us for Heaven on July 20, 2018. She was the JOY of my life and her devotion and Love was a gift from God. I am so grateful for every second KIMBA and I shared together. The heartache and the pain of loving and losing her still makes me cry but I am so very, Very grateful to have had this 3lb Gift from God that was Everything I needed to do help me do what I am meant To Do. Life is not easy but nothing will ever replace the total unconditional love she gave to me. Now I know she is in heaven with SHERPA & SuNae, the dogs that helped me through the worse period of my life, and inspired a revolution in pet travel

Anyone who lives with a dog or cat–or maybe both–understands how they make us better humans. Someone once said “I want to be the person my dog thinks I am.” My new book, IT’s IN THE BAG, A Revolution in Pet Travel, will take you through my darkest days when I was an out-of-work flight attendant grieving over the recent death my fiance, one month before our wedding.  Days after his death I was forced to vacate our home, leaving me with nothing beside the comforting unconditional love of the little Lhasa Apso named SHERPA that he had just given me.

Trying to set up a trip to my mother, I discovered the difficulties in traveling with a pet. It was then I found my true purpose.

Even I, an experienced flight attendance, had no idea the obstacles to taking your beloved animal companion with you in planes, trains and automobiles.  With that realization the Sherpa Pet Trading Company was born and my commitment to accelerating the comfort and ease of travelling with pets took flight.

This book is about navigating the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship no matter what life throws at you.  Having a loving dog or cat in your world can inspire you as profoundly as it did for me.

It's In The Bag

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So happy in my SHERPA Bag

So happy in my SHERPA Bag

The Rolls Royce of Pet Carriers

Her Work Is Far From Done!

A tireless advocate for facilitating the ability of people everywhere to take their pets with them, SAFELY with ease and in comfort, Gayle globe-trots continuously, meeting with legislators and leaders of brand name companies as well as heads of airlines, hotels, resorts, restaurant owners, fashion icons, media gurus and of course key influencers throughout the dog and cat world.

As Gayle notes, “My goal has always been to insure that one day all of us everywhere who love and live with a dog or cat or even another type of fur or feathered companion will be able to take our pets wherever we go. We have come a long way, but must do much more to educate people and increase awareness on the evolution of Pet Travel and caring for our pets.