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  1. Elissa Heyman

    Hi Gayle,
    I’m so glad to see you are still making bags! I have two of your early ones, they are decades old, and as good as new! They are fabulous for travel even though I don’t have a pet. I was looking for a bag for the airline and came across your site, and I want that “Travel the World” bag, but I wonder how much it weighs. I couldn’t find that info on your website.
    I might be coming to New York in October and I think that Travel the World pattern is just the ticket for the next phase of my life…
    A big smile from Santa Fe, New Mexico, and if this is going to appear on your website, I want to let anyone reading know the two Sherpa bags I’ own are the best quality material objects I have ever had. They are lightweight, durable, and useful for decades.


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