The SHERPA Story

It wasn’t always possible for Gayle to enjoy the company of her dog SHERPA while she traveled. Her inspiration came after a series of unfortunate events: the death of a loved one and the loss of her job after more than two decades as a hostess for TWA. Back then, she had no home and no source of income at age 37; but she didn’t panic. She lost herself in Sherpa’s unconditional love and did not want to leave her at home during her frequent travels.

The dilemma inspired Gayle to create the world’s first soft-sided pet carrier to be officially approved by major airlines, which she named SHERPA after her adorable canine companion. The result is The Original SHERPA Bag. Still, there were challenges. At the time, pets were prohibited in the passenger cabin on an airplane. Not to be deterred, Gayle worked for years to change airline policy. There was no way her dog Sherpa would ride in the luggage compartment! After all, Gayle wouldn’t even check in her jewelry with her baggage. Simply put, SHERPA was her most precious jewel.

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